Friday, September 10, 2010

Rim Rock Stocklore Mystic Maks

Maks is the new kid at Rim Rock Dalmatians. He is a homozygous UU. This means he has NO copies of the hyperuricosuria mutation!
In his 4 generation pedigree there are 5 LUA to LUA breedings. He is BAER bilateral from an all bilateral litter of 7 dark brown eyed puppies.


This is beautiful Hannah! She carries one copy of the gene for LUA/NUA. She was bred by Lesia Woods and Dr. Robert Schaible and is co-owned by Barb Allison. Not only is Hannah beautiful but she is also sweet and loving. She is BAER bilateral from and all bilateral dark eyed litter of 7. We look forward to watching Hannah grow up.

Update on Lila

Lila is now known as Champion Rim Rock's U Gotta B Kiddin'. She finished her championship rather easily on June 26, 2010 at the age of 14 months. She is BAER bilateral, CERF clear, No ISD. She is bred, owned and loved by Barb Allison. Lila donated blood at one of the DCA blood draws so she can help promote good health in Dalmatians in more ways than just passing on her gene for Normal Canine Uric Acid.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beloved Forever

This little liver girl is known as Eugenie "Beloved Forever". She is owned by Sally McDonnell and is from a litter that Sally recently whelped. There were four pups in this litter with three having the Uu gene for normal uric acid and one uu puppy that is in a wonderful pet home. All pups tested normal for hearing on their BAER hearing test. Pictures of her littermates will be posted soon.
This is Penny, the mother of the litter. Penny also has the Uu gene for normal uric acid. She is owned by Sarah Ledgerwood.

Update on Will & Lyra

Will is now 3 years old and Lyra is 18 months. They have become inseparable.
This year Marion & Terry traveled for 4 weeks around Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana with the dogs. Both dogs wear "hydra packs". They carry their own water and doggy biscuits while hiking. Marion says they hoped that would slow them down some. No way! These are Dalmatians and it takes more than a few biscuits to slow them down. For every 6 miles that Marion and Terry hike, these guys probably do 30 at very high speed.

There were a lot of opportunities for the dogs to socialize as Marion & Terry educated the general public about the joys of owning a Low Uric Acid Dalmatian. Both dogs are excellent travelers, no whining, which is a blessing. A lot of vacationers took home photos of these two great Dalmatians. There were many cries heard of "look Mom, Dalmatians"!

Selia Is Growing Up

Here is an updated picture of Selia. She is one of the small but growing numbers of Dalmatians that have two copies of the UU gene for normal canine uric acid.

Here is Selia's canine hyperuricosuria report from the University of California, Davis. To see this report larger just click on it.