Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Aberdeen and Dotter's Ataraxis ("Layla") Sire: UKC Ch Stocklore Top Spot; Dam: Ch Aberdeen's Twlight Time; Owner: Lesley Beals & Denise Powell; Breeder: Denise Powell (Aberdeen Dalmatians) BAER--Bilateral; Hips-- Good; CERF--Normal; NUA/LUA-- NUA (Uu) Layla is from Denise Powell's first NUA litter, born 8/12/05. She is the Dam of the "E" litter, by Ch Woodwynd Ghost of Gotha ("Boo"), producing 4 NUA pups in a litter of 7; and she's also the Dam of the "J" litter, by Ch Beachcomber's Final Answer ("Regis") born 5/15/09, producing 4 NUA pups in a litter of 6. In Layla's first UKC all-breed dog show she went BEST IN SHOW, and the Judge said she had chosen the Dalmatian because she was the nicest example of a Dalmatian she had EVER seen, and added "she's seen a lot of Dalmatians." Layla is a lovely, typey bitch, with an equally lovely temperament. She loves to give HUGS ... and loves to sleep under the covers.
Layla with Dotsie & Dagger.


Dotter's Eyes of the World-- AKA "Tie-Dye," "Ty," and now "Tie Fighter" Sire: CH Woodwynd Ghost of Gotha "Boo" Dam: Aberdeen And Dotter's Ataraxis "Layla". Ty's 5-year old owner wanted to name his dog after his favorite Star Wars character, Darth Vader. He had been the "tie-dye" puppy due to the color of his ribbon, and we called him "Ty" for nearly a year that he was with us. To go with the Tie-Dye theme, his registered name is after one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs, "Eyes of the World" because" the eyes of the world" are on these VERY special puppies! Fortunately I have 2 sons and know my Star Wars trivia, so when Gareth said he wanted to name the 1-year old dog "Darth Vader," I asked him, "What kind of ship did Darth Vader fly?" He quickly answered, "Tie Fighter!" So Ty got to keep his name, which is now "Tie." (Whew!!) Owner: Helen Copley and Lesley Beals-- Breeder: Denise Powell (Aberdeen Dalmatians) & Lesley Beals (Dotter Dalmatians) ( BilateralHips: PendingCERF: NormalNUA/LUA: NUA (Uu)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is UKC GRCH Stocklore Top Spot pictured at nearly 11 years old. Topper is a wonderful dog that can be found in most of the NUA pedigrees today. At 11 years old he is healthy, happy and can still move very fluidly. He also can still sire a litter the natural way. We are lucky to have Topper as a foundation to build on. Topper is owned and bred by Dr Robert Schaible.

Precious Peyton

This is Dreamworks & Aberdeen's Inevitable "Peyton"

Ch TNG’s The Untouchable At DKL (BEAR Bilateral, OFA Good) X Aberdeen’s Angelina (BEAR Bilateral, OFA Good, Uu)
Owner: Lillian Strait
Breeder: Denise Powell (Aberdeen Dalmatians)
BAER: Bilateral
Hips: TBD
Elbows: TBD
Thyroid: TBD

Peyton is growing up!

Ivan with his NUA Sandy

Desert Sand "Sandy" a seventh generation NUA (foreground) with her owner Ivan and his AKC dog Black Diamond of Weeway. Both are wearing their custom made Budweiser jackets made by Ivan's wife Barb.

Fabulous Fiona

Uu Fiona - BIMBS BISS Gr Champion Fiacre's First and
Foremost CGC
Fiona just recently completed her UKC Grand Championship and her CGC and is moving on to obedience, rally, and agility. More information, pictures and Fiona's pedigree can be found at

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cute Cubby

Cubby "Woodwynd Dotter's Eagle Scout " is a normal uric acid boy and was bred by Leslie Beals and Denise Powell.
Cubby is an International Puppy Champion and an International Ch. He's also 2/3 of the way towards his UKC Ch as well.
If you would like to see and learn more about Cubby, check out his web site at

Sweet Sadie

This normal uric acid Dalmatian is Sadie "Aberdeen n Cahun's High Hopes" Sadie is 14 months old and will soon be a UKC champion.

UU Selia

This is Fiacre N Aberdeen Seeing Is Believing - known to her friends as Selia (pronounced Seelia) She is one of only three Dalmatians in the world that are known to be Clear for hyperuricosuria. Clear is the scientific term for having two copies of a dominant gene. In this case the gene that controls normal breakdown of uric acid during metabolism of protein the dog's diet.

Most Dalmatians have a genetic mutation that interrupts the normal breakdown of the protein they eat. The defect results in a condition called hyperuricosuria (HU) which people also call High Uric Acid. Dalmatians with HU have two copies of the defective, gene mutation.

A Dalmatian breeder named Robert Schaible, who also happened to be a professor of medical genetics at Indiana University School of Medicine, developed a line of Dalmatians that have the normal gene. When Dalmatians with the Normal gene are bred to Dalmatians with HU some of the offspring will inherit the Normal gene and some of them will inherit the defective gene.

Pups that inherit one Normal and one defective gene and are called Carriers. They are able to metabolize protein normally but they can pass the defective gene to future offspring.

At this point in time the vast majority of Dalmatians are Affected with HU, approximately 50 Dalmatians are unaffected Carriers of the defect and three are Clear of HU. It will take decades of careful breeding before we see a significant reduction in the percentage of Dalmatians with HU. But progress is being made and each year more unaffected or Normal Uric Acid Dalmatians are born.

It is unlikely that HU will ever be completely eliminated in the Dalmatian breed because a considerable number of people whose primary interest is to producing Dalmatians that can win in the show ring feel that HU is a manageable condition and see no reason to change their breeding practices.

Selia"s pedigree can be seen at: click on Selia

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lovely Lila

This adorable little girl is known as Rim Rock's U Gotta B Kiddin'. Lila carries one copy of the gene for normal uric acid therefore she is normal! Thanks Topper for giving us that gene.

Lila is bilateral from an all bilateral litter of nine brown eyed puppies. Lila's pedigree can be viewed at:

Lila at 4 months old

UU You Who

This sweet girl is Guardian UU by Stocklore known as You Who. She is 17 months old here. She is owned and loved by Dennis & Karen Trout
and was bred by Dr. Robert Schaible. You Who is homozygous for normal uric acid.
You Who's pedigree can be viewed at:


This is DUncUn. A Dalmatian with no copies of the hyperuricosuria mutation tested for by UC Davis. DUncUn is owned by Dennis and Karen Trout and was bred by Schaible & Wood.