Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Dotter's Eyes of the World-- AKA "Tie-Dye," "Ty," and now "Tie Fighter" Sire: CH Woodwynd Ghost of Gotha "Boo" Dam: Aberdeen And Dotter's Ataraxis "Layla". Ty's 5-year old owner wanted to name his dog after his favorite Star Wars character, Darth Vader. He had been the "tie-dye" puppy due to the color of his ribbon, and we called him "Ty" for nearly a year that he was with us. To go with the Tie-Dye theme, his registered name is after one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs, "Eyes of the World" because" the eyes of the world" are on these VERY special puppies! Fortunately I have 2 sons and know my Star Wars trivia, so when Gareth said he wanted to name the 1-year old dog "Darth Vader," I asked him, "What kind of ship did Darth Vader fly?" He quickly answered, "Tie Fighter!" So Ty got to keep his name, which is now "Tie." (Whew!!) Owner: Helen Copley and Lesley Beals-- Breeder: Denise Powell (Aberdeen Dalmatians) & Lesley Beals (Dotter Dalmatians) ( BilateralHips: PendingCERF: NormalNUA/LUA: NUA (Uu)

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